Ingredient Profile/Health Benefits

The main reason we're doing this is to offer a health minded alternative to the corn syrup, preservative filled sodas and soft drinks that line the shelves in practically every store. Burly Beverages presents a "more than natural" option. It's not quite kombucha, but it does offer a more healthful nutrient profile than the modern soda or soft drink. 

Vinegar. We've all heard that apple cider vinegar is good for us, it is a ph regulator in our gut and can help the body reach homeostasis by lowering blood sugar and increasing circulation. But, in my research, I've found that ALL vinegars have health benefits and they differ from one another. I take all of this into consideration when tinkering with my recipes. I blend these vinegars with one another to achieve maximum health benefit and flavor. 


Turbinado sugar. Turbinado sugar is obtained from the initial pressings of the sugar cane. Because this sugar undergoes very little processing, it is considered a healthier alternative to white sugar. The turbinado sugar crystals are much coarser than those of sugar that has been processed further. They retain much of the taste of molasses, which is a by-product that occurs naturally during sugar processing. The sugar gets its name from the centrifugal procedure used for drying the crystals: The name comes from "turbine."

Other sweeteners. We also employ, molasses (which is where all of the minerals and nutrients end up after sugar is refined), maple syrup (which contains more antioxidants than blueberries) agave syrup and raw honey (the only food known to man that will never spoil).